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50 minutes ago, floatingamoeba said:

Piggybacking off of this - was bringing your carry-on luggage (i.e. rolling suitcase) to your interview ever a problem? Like if you needed to catch a flight soon after and was leaving from the interview. 

Not normally a problem - we have all been through the tour and know that sometimes you need that sort of flexibility etc. There is almost always a room for the exactly that purpose. 

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-bring two interview outfits (Even if you only wear one everywhere), your flexibility is to bring multiple shirts underneath that varies the outfit. Ultimately, I had a favoured top for majority of interviews--My "power colour"-- a strong red conservative tank top to wear shirt under my very dark navy dress suit, but I had a couple options in case.

-carry suits in suit bag and bring a rollaboard carry on that you have verified fits in the airline sizers with everything else. CHECK IN NOTHING--CARRY ON ONLY!

-pack (or pick up from one of your hotel stay)s a small sewing kit (my pant leg hem undid mid tour, I had to break out my very novice sewing abilities to save the day!) 

-during a break/breaks in your travels I strongly suggest a dry clean/wash of your preferred interview suit (YOU WILL SWEAT A LOT! Some people DID NOT DO THIS and it was obvious...)

-if you can, travel in comfortable clothes--some airports have change room stalls if you aren't heading to hotel before the interview (Winnipeg comes to mind for this)--you want to be comfortable in the moments that you can

-bring extra medications (rx as well as your choice of Tylenol, advil, melatonin, Imodium, peptobismol to be prepared for *those* moments)

-BRING EXTRA SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR. It's winter. Wet shoes/boots are inevitable. Extra underwear should be self explanatory.

-did I mention, do not check in anything. you don't want to be slowed down because it's winter and travel can be unpredictable. You want to be mobile. CARRY ON ONLY!


Have fun! Carms tour is very exciting! It was fun seeing your colleagues all over the country, meeting new people (I made a great friend at a program I didn't even match at, I know of people who met their significant others during CaRMS!). Good luck!


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