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U of S " last 120 credit units" is equal to how many classes?

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Hi all,

can someone explain the terminology UofS uses below? I go to a school OOP so how many classes does this equate to?

I asked my brother but hes first year and he said that 1 class = 3 credit units , so does that mean they count the last *4 years! (120/3 = 40 courses)


--> When the most recent 120 CU are used for calculation of the UAA, the earliest courses required to make the 120 CU total frequently fall time-wise within a larger number of classes taken concurrently (i.e., within the same academic term). In this case, the average of all classes taken concurrently will be used as the mark for each of the remaining courses needed to reach the 120 CU total (e.g., if the last 3 CU class needed to get to 120 CU falls within an academic term where five 3 CU classes were taken concurrently, the average of the five classes is used as the mark for the last required 3 CU


thank you for your help!

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3 minutes ago, UWCC said:

Just check your math again. Yes, 40 courses at 3 credit units each is equal to 120 credits. So, four (4), not 3, full time academic years, if one takes 5 courses per term (therefore 10 per year) = 40 courses.  

ah yes thank thank you! And they do count summer courses correct?

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