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Applying to Dental Schools with a low GPA

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Hi all,


I am hoping I could get some feedback into what schools I should realistically be applying to given my current stats, and any tips for making my application stronger. I am a Canadian student and I'm open to applying anywhere and everywhere.

My cGPA: 3.2 (on 4.33 scale)

DAT: 22 AA, 21 PAT

I have over 100 shadowing hours and tons other community engagement and volunteer experience. 


I know my GPA is ridiculously low and I'm hoping you guys can help out with where I could apply or if I should pursue a post-grad (i.e masters) before applying, or just pursue a different career path altogether.  

Thank you so much, everyone! 


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Your GPA on a 4.0 scale is what matters (in the US the dental apps the only difference are A+s so if you don't have any it's the same GPA).

If you are interested in coming back to Canada your only "real" options are (because they write the same board exams):

1. Canada - ineligible with your GPA 
2. USA - some private schools are attainable with your GPA and great DAT and ECs, but do your research on how to finance your degree (upwards of $600,000 CAD). A masters would help
3. Ireland - 3.3 is where it starts getting competitive and doesn't look at DAT
4. Australia - 5 year degree programs seem attainable and your DAT will help. Unsure of 4 year programs. Still expensive, but less than USA
5. New Zealand - no idea

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51 minutes ago, HopefulDDS said:

Also, is this your final GPA? Are you done school or will you be able to boost it for the 2019-2020 application cycle?

Thanks for all the info in your other post, I've been looking into Australia and US already, I'll look into Ireland and New Zeeland as well. As for my GPA, I have about 30 credits left (this semester and summer) and I've been doing well in the last few semesters, so I'm hoping to boost it up a bit. Only thing is that I already have around 90 credits done so it's not going to be a huge boost. 

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I don't think there's a point on researching Canadian dental schools with your GPA unfortunately (unless you're willing to spend another 3-4 years in undergrad to boost your GPA). I would say looking into Ireland or Australia is a good option. As HopefulDDS mentioned, tuition and cost of living can be huge overseas, so I would really be calculative about that decision. 

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