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Awards Section Taken Out?

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Hey everyone, 

For those of you who applied this past cycle, is there still an awards section or has it been absorbed into the Life Experiences section? According to the website, there is no longer an awards section but instead a "Life Experiences & Achievements" section. I ask this because I know that there was an awards section in the application portal in the past but things have changed quite a bit over the past two years.


If so, how do you all go about filling in the four spots for the Life Experiences/Awards section? Did some of you not put in any awards at all?


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This year was my first year applying but I did put a significant award that I received in the Life Experiences & Achievements section and I received an OOP interview (TBD on acceptance!). 

I didn't include basic academic awards but the award I included represented significant experiences/achievements in my life, so it seemed appropriate. I'd say it depends what the award is. 

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