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Residency Question for IP Applicants

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Can anyone shed light on what they needed to submit to establish IP status? For other schools it's items like a health card. The problem for me is if I intend to move to establish IP I won't be able to get a health card until three months later.


On the website it says you must have lived in MB at time of application (assuming application deadline around October 1 then). I will have tenancy documents and bills to prove that I'm going to be there by this time if I intend to move. If anyone could tell me exactly what they asked from you to establish IP it would be much much appreciated. Thanks so much!

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"The Admissions Committee gives priority to residents of Manitoba who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents  regardless of where they completed their premedical studies.  The University of Manitoba defines Manitoba applicants as those who:

  • have graduated from a Manitoba high school; or
  • have a recognized degree from a university in Manitoba; or
  • have completed a minimum of two consecutive years of full-time academic studies in a recognized program at a university in Manitoba, while physically residing in Manitoba; or
  • have been a resident in the Province of Manitoba for a minimum of two (2) years following high school graduation; the two year residence period will not be considered broken where the Admissions Committee is satisfied that the applicant was temporarily out of the province on vacation, in short-term volunteer work or employment, or as a full time student."
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