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I need advice please on applying to McMaster and Queens

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on applying to McMaster and Queens...

I am applying to both through the aboriginal stream. 

cGPA: 3.35

wGPA: 3.86

EC: vet clinic, humane society, large animal vet, worked with the head pediatrician at my hometown hospital, environmentalist for a mining company in Canada and another for in the States, volunteered at a therapeutic riding center, research experience


I have yet to write my MCAT (I plan to this August!)....so far I am having a very hard time with the chemistry/physics and bio/biochem sections. I am acing the CARS however - it is consistently my best score (131-132 on all the practice tests). 


Do you think I have a good chance of getting in? I have read that McMaster puts less emphasis on grades, however they take into consideration your cGPA, and as you can see above, mine isn't the most competitive! While my wGPA is much better, I am still not sure as to whether I will be considered competitive, especially if I cannot get higher scores on the chem/phys and bio/biochem sections on the MCAT. 


Any advice/insight would be much appreciated:) 

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Here is an excerpt from the queens site, hope it can help you!

Up to a maximum of four qualified Indigenous students per year may be admitted to the M.D. program by the alternate process. Indigenous candidates may also choose to apply through the regular admission process.

At the time of submission of their application to OMSAS, Indigenous candidates should submit:

  • A separate letter to the Chair, Admissions Committee, in which they declare their Indigenous ancestry and give specific information about First Nation, treaty, community, or organizational affiliation. The letter should request consideration by this alternate process, and should expand on the candidate's academic and personal background, and reasons and motivation for wishing to become a physician.
  •  A letter of support from an individual representing the First Nation, community or organization to which the applicant belongs.
  • Proof of ancestry 

 A panel consisting of representatives from the Admissions Committee and the Indigenous community will review the files of all candidates who wish to be considered by this alternate process and select candidates for interview. The panel will pay particular attention to academic commitment towards a career in medicine. (Only in exceptional circumstances will candidates with an average GPA of less than 3.0 and an average MCAT score of less 120 (New MCAT) be selected for interview.)

Candidates identified by the screening panel will be invited for interview at the same time as the general pool of applicants. The candidates will participate in the MMI. The panel interview team will include representatives from the Indigenous community.”



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40 minutes ago, LouN said:

so far I am having a very hard time with the chemistry/physics and bio/biochem sections. I am acing the CARS however - it is consistently my best score (131-132 on all the practice tests). 


Do you think I have a good chance of getting in? 

I definitely think you should apply. 

That’s wonderful that your CARS score is high. For the bio/biochem and chem/phys score, keep studying and practicing as much as possible between now and August to improve your score. The Khan Academy was pretty good review for those topics and it’s free. r/MCAT also has a great deal of advice on improving your scores in those sections. Perhaps consider a course or buying the books from one of the MCAT courses?

I would definitely apply if I were you. Toronto also has an indigenous student application program and with their grade weighting you may qualify for their GPA cutoff. I would call U of T’s Office of Indigenous Medical Education and talk to them. It’s worthwhile calling the admissions committee at McMaster and Queens as well to ask for clarification if you have further questions after reviewing their websites. They are all very helpful.

Best of luck!

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Umm if your aboriginal you should look at all schools in Canada. 


I'm pretty sure they all have special and much more lax cutt-offs for aboriginal ppl. Doesn't one school in the west accept you if you just meet the minimum cutoffs? Was it Manitoba? Idk.


But ya if your aboriginal I'm pretty sure your gonna have a pretty good chance at any school.


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