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IMG looking to take MCCQE1 in September and had 2 questions was hoping someone could answer:

1) What test do people use to gauge their performance? The only test that I can see on the MCC website that offers both practice questions and answers is the PE form, which is $500. 

2) How do you prepare and gauge your performance  for the PHELO section?


I have read some use UWORLD for step 2, but the focus and format of the 2 exams is really different. Any thoughts?






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I would suggest on focusing the PHLEO section in Canadian Qbank to understand the legality and the communication approach in Canadian health care system. Medical knowledge will not be overwhelmingly difficult. I think the main challenge is the PHLEO section, if you can work on that you should be alright for the exam. 

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I used Toronto Notes + Uworld step 2 ck + The MCC prep exam

TN and Uworld are good sources to study the basics, however the exam is more similar to the MCC prep exam 

For public health, ethics, community medicine sections u can check the answers of the MCC prep exam questions where they usually provide explanations, I used to read the topics from the provided references. For ethics check the CMPA website really helpful

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