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What university is my best chance?

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I have:

4 first author publications and a book chapter

A masters degree

current job is doing psychological assessments on patients (patient experience)

Multiple awards, scholarships and funding

my issue is my gpa is low (2.71) but I’m willing to take courses to raise it, however the best I might be able to get is a 3.0..

my province is NL but I lived in Ontario for 3 years for undergrad 


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Hi, - also commenting on info in your other posts ...

While your Masters and publications are good for your application they do not make up for the GPA.  Undergrad GPA is king and unfortunately cannot be worked around.  Competitive at most schools is 3.8-3.9 GPA  with below 3.7 being only exceptions.  Being in-province in NL could be beneficial.  Contact MUN admin office directly and talked to them about what it would take to be competitive.  Undergrad time in Ontario does not help.

I suspect you may need to start a new undergrad and get 2 years of +3.85 GPA to start to open up some options.   Learn about weighted wGPA at schools like Queens, Western, Dal.  You won't be able to raise your cumulative GPA enough to be competitive so schools like MAC are probably off the table.  If you do go back to school, you need to do full course-load for Sept-April for the courses to be useful for weighting.  





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Meridian is right about GPA in that it is not competetive. But you need to consider something else on top of it. Not only is 2.7 not competetive in the slightest, but you also do not satisfy the minimum GPA for practically any MD program in the country. This means that even if you have a GPA that is not competetive, you are not eligible to be considered as an applicant. 


My further two cents: If you have the gumption, grit, and courage to become an MD, you can do it. Unfortunately in your case it is going to take you several years, perhaps as much as a decade. You need to do a second undergrad and perform flawlessly. You need to slaughter the MCAT. You need to continue to bolster your ECs. This is going to take a lot of time and money. I truly think anyone can get there if it is what they want, but also, fuck being a doctor. There are a thousand and one amazing jobs that will be perfect for you that do not require you to do all of that stuff. Good luck to you. Remember you can do it, but be prudent and don't destroy yourself/ your future.

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On 9/6/2019 at 4:05 AM, Frederick Sanger said:

Do a 2nd bachelors degree,  in 2 years (Septemebr-April timeline) with minimum of 60 units or 5 FCE for each term. Attain a GPA of 3.9+ and you will have Western, Queens, McGill and Dalhousie , and potentially UofT opened up. 

How can you finish a 2nd undergrad in 2 years without transferring credits from the first? 

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10 hours ago, Dan90 said:

How can you finish a 2nd undergrad in 2 years without transferring credits from the first? 

You would be transferring credits from the first, but for schools that only require two years of full course load grades (i.e. Dal, Queens, Western) they won't look at transfer credits. So is the case with mcgill as it considers the degree GPA and won't look at anything from a previous degree (except for basic science pre-req courses if they're from back then). However, Mcgill requires a phenomenally high GPA from out of province applicants, beware of that. Queens and Western don't. I think with a really good CV, as yours seems to be, Queens is a very viable option (b/c of holistic review and stuff) with a 2nd undergrad.

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