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iPad, iPhone or Macbook?

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10 hours ago, freewheeler said:

None dude. 

Uptodate: Not that useful to be honest unless you want to do internal medicine and want to try to 'fit in' with them.

Flashcards: Kudos to you bro.

Studying at home: You mean reading some or all of case files the week before your clerkship exams?

Reading textbooks: What does this mean??


9 hours ago, LostLamb said:

You want to travel light, sometimes you have nothing but a pocket. iPhone or Android is your friend. UpToDate was free in clerkship (not anymore) and was useful. 

You study wherever works using whatever works for you. By clerkship you should know your style.  

Ok, so i guess my question then is: What is your workflow in clerkships? How does a week in the life of a clerk look like?

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On 8/6/2019 at 6:11 PM, MDinCanada said:

Which device do you recommend for clerkships?

For looking stuff up on uptodate, doing flashcards, studying at home,  reading textbooks, etc.

Looking at these options/combinations mainly:

1) iPad Pro + keyboard case + pen

2) iPhone XR + Macbook Air

3) iPhone XR only


Theres no one good way. Some rotations I take freewheeler’s approach, other rotations where I struggle I do a lot more prep/reading. Here’s what I do. 

At home, iPad. I don’t know that I would have gone out an bought an iPad Pro just for clerkship, but I already had one. Mostly I use it for reading PDFs of textbooks - everyone at my school gets a big file of PDFs from upper years, and I find it much more natural to read on the iPad than a computer or phone. I like that I can hand write on the iPad, and so I also use it to make summary notes for myself on really key topics that I am looking up constantly. 

In the hospital, iPhone. Small enough to fit in my pocket. I use UpToDate (see if you can get it free in your province through any organizations, you often can) and DynaMed sometimes if something weird comes up and my preceptor asks me to read on it. I use apps like lexicomp and Medcalc frequently. And I have access to synced notes and textbooks from my iPad if I have some downtime and want to read.

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