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Is it hard to become an Oral Medicine Specialist in Canada? How to become one? And how much do they make per year?

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I am thinking about becoming an oral medicine specialist in Canada. I did some research by myself online, but I did not get much info. How can I become an oral medicine specialist after I have graduated from dental school? Also, how long does it take for the specialist training? How much do oral medicine specialist make per year? Do they work in hospitals or open up their own business like other dentists? 

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After doing some quick searching the only Canadian schools that have Oral Medicine and Pathology are UBC and U of T. There are also 13 programs in the US. The programs range from 3-5 years and can be university or hospital based (tuition based and salary based respectively). I believe most pathology specialists are in hospitals. Also to note there are only ~300 oral pathology specialists in the US so for reference it is a very small field. Looking up oral pathology's average salary is a good starting point but internet reporting should always be taken with a grain of salt. If this is something you're passionate about pursuing I recommend finding an oral pathologists where you live and asking them to chat so you can have these questions answered by a person in the field.

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