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Stricter Graduate Student GPA guidelines

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Under GPA calculation and Minimum GPA


Applicants who have completed or will have completed a graduate degree prior to matriculation into the MD program will have their cumulative GPA for that graduate degree included in the calculation as equivalent to a single full-time undergraduate year. For this to apply each year must be associated with a minimum of 18 units credits associated with a numerical or letter grade.


This would mean that for a graduate degree to count towards the gpa, you need to have taken at least 6 courses in that year. This restriction is new.

I think this effectively would mean only grad applicants with course heavy programs would benefit from their extra degree. In most cases in a thesis based program, you are primarily focused on your thesis and can't really take many courses, or are limited in the courses geared towards grad students. :(

It's a bit unfortunate because my undergrad gpa is not high, and before it was nice to have some recognition towards all the extra years and work I had invested into academia.

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Sucks for some, but at first glance this makes sense to me. Some programs require 1-3 courses total for a MSc, to weight that equivalent to a student who took 10-12 classes during a year in there undergrad always struck me as odd.

Hopefully getting 3 A+'s in graduate course work would still be looked at favourably in the "overall academic merit" section.

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