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The RCPSC requirement for MOC credit was never explained well in residency, but the basics is that they divide continuing learning into 3 categories, and you have to achieve a certain number of them in each category, each year. There is also a total number you need to achieve over 5 years.

So late in residency you can start accumulating them and some can carry forward to your practice. A lot of stuff you do in residency like in-house exams, reading books, getting feedback etc all count. The sooner you get those credits the sooner you can stop worrying about them during your practice.

All you have to do is start a RCPSC MAINPORT account.

Now the Section 3 credits are hardest to earn in practice because they require feedback on your performance and self reflection on the feedback. But a number of on-line modules count for those credits (make sure they are accredited by RCPSC).

I recommend these ones from CMPA, they are easy to do and can easily help you get those section 3 credits. https://www.cmpa-acpm.ca/en/education-events/elearning#elearning

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