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Hello. I have a question about applying for accomodations with the MCAT. I've been diagnosed with ADD, I have a medical diagnosis and an educational assessment from a psychologist to that effect, and she recommended accomodations. My degree was in nursing, and throughout the degree I did not need extra time on tests evaluations. However, I've been taking basic science courses that were not part of my degree to prepare for the MCAT, (I'm basically doing a DIY post-bacc: Chem 1/2, physics 1/2, bio 1/2, organic chem and biochem) at a university as a part time student, and now I have been using the accomodations recommended in the educational assessment. I find these tests more difficult than my nursing courses, although I still can do quite well if I have extra time on evaluations. My question is, if I apply for those accomodations with the AAMC, having used my accomodations during my part-time coursework but not my regular undergraduate degree, can anyone comment on the likelihood that I might be accepted or rejected, since I didn't use them during my undergraduate degree? I understand that I would need an updated assessment as well (I don't know what I'll do about that, because they are not cheap), but my concern is that they'll probably just be rejected anyways. Does anyone have any experience with applying for MCAT accomodations, or know about the likelihood of rejection? 

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