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What are my chances at PA school in Canada?

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Hello everyone,

I am a Ontario student currently living in Ottawa. I have just finished my first year of undergrad with a low GPA (3.1). I struggled greatly with the online learning in isolation from my friends and classmates, as well as faced many other challenges with mental health, financial loss, deaths in the family due to covid etc.

I know that PA programs (except for maybe Manitoba?) look at cGPA and not wGPA, so I am very worried about how my first year GPA will affect my application. Even if I get a 4.0 in my next three years my CGPA will only be 3.78, and that is a big if. I think more realistically I could get around a 3.6. I know that the average at Mac is a 3.8, and that at u of t around 3.7 I think, I have no idea about UofM. I believe that my GPA would be below average at all the programs.

In terms of healthcare experience, I have volunteered in hospitals for the past 4 years, volunteered in a paediatric developmental needs clinic, done a co-op placement in a cardiology clinic, and I have a job administering COVID tests for a lab. I likely have around 600 hrs so far. I am a kinesiology major so by the time I apply I will have completed a lot more hours through an internship with an athletic therapist ,and will obtain experience working/volunteering in a physio clinic or with a sports team.

Do you think that maybe this might be enough to get an interview at any of these programs (3.6 ish GPA plus the listed healthcare experience?) I know that in the past that my GPA might have been competitive, but this year it has gotten crazy competitive due to COVID so I am not sure if I stand a chance anymore because of my terrible first year.

I am open to going to the US also if Canada is not an option. Just wondering if I have a chance still or if this is a lost cause at this point? I really want to become a PA but I am very concerned about my GPA.

Any advice is very much appreciated, thanks in advance

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I got in this year with a 3.65 cGPA! At McMaster (where I got in) once you reach the required GPA cutoff, you are guaranteed access to the supplemental application which is where you get to answer some questions and let your personality shine through. I think if you come across well in that, you have a good chance at getting an interview and spot in the program! 

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