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I think (based off of what others have said in the past and what I have seen) that if you are able to get a good score on CASPer you may have a chance to get an interview. After the interview, your aGPA is worth even less so it'll be more dependent on your MCAT and MMI. I've seen a few people get in over the years with similar stats so it is definitely possible, but you will have to do really well on both CASPer and the MMI. Hopefully you qualify for some of the SES/Rurality/diversity/etc factor points too which may help your application.

If I were you this year I would definitely apply, spend time studying and prepping for CASPer and the MMI, but also think about perhaps taking some courses to boost your GPA or rewriting the MCAT (not that I think your MCAT score is bad if you were able to bump it up even more it'd increase your chances IMO). 


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Unfortunately I dont think ill be taking anymore course because it won't be considered for this application. 

I qualify for diversity points. However I dont qualify for the others. 

Are my chances lower because of this?

If I were to take the Casper end of September, would you suggest prepping for it in August? Or is it a better idea to take the Casper in October?

Sorry for bothering, I'm just a little worried about my application. 

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For taking more courses I just mean so if you don't get in on your first application, the next year you apply your aGPA will be improved. It's pretty common even with decent stats to not get in on your first try, so it's a good idea to have a strategy on how you might be able to improve your application for the next round. If you want you can message me personally and I can give you more specific answers in regards to improving your aGPA (based on my experience).


It's definitely good to qualify for some points at all, not qualifying for others won't hurt your application, because in the end it is hard to say how much of an impact they will have. 


Honestly it's hard to say, I guess it depends on what is going on in your life on when it is best to take it. From what I remember last year there weren't many options for when to take it and I think I took it end of September. If the process is the same as last year we can't sign up until admissions opens for med so with that in mind perhaps try to have a flexible schedule for prep. 

Specifically on when to start prep I think it really depends on your personal 'skill' level at the moment. Last year I barely prepped, I did the practice questions that CASPer provided and I watched a free prep video on YouTube about the different possible questions. That was mainly because I think I was already in a good spot because I have taken a lot of writing courses throughout university (so I have a higher typing speed and lots more practice analyzing + constructing fleshed out responses), read books/listen to audiobooks a fair amount, have a good test taking brain, and hopefully a morally good person lol. So I think evaluating how you are with the basics (i.e. typing speeds, reading, reasoning, and constructing good responses) and then working up from there would be a good spot. If you are lacking in those areas I'd suggest starting your prep earlier so you feel comfortable and confident by the time the test comes around. Again feel free to message me if you want to talk more about this! 



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