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Interview coaching from a medical student accepted to 5 Canadian schools!


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Congrats on your journey to medicine! My name is Victoria and I am a current UBC medical student. I was accepted to 5 Canadian medical schools: UBC (OOP applicant), U of T, McMaster, Western and Queens. The interview was my strong point- I was accepted to every school I interviewed at. I would love to pass on my knowledge to eager applicants, whether you have interviews coming up this year or if you just want to get a head start. I am familiar with panel, MMI, and mixed format interviews. I am asking $60/hr for any interview content of your choosing (mock interviews, practice questions, general tips, etc). I am only looking to work with a small group of applicants as I am a busy student myself. Please PM me if interested :)  Edit: Thank you for all the interest! I am currently booking 1-2 weeks in advance.

*all prep will be done virtually this year via Zoom


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