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Would there be interest from family physicians if someone was willing to invest and help with administrative and billing?

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I'm considering going into PA school and working in family medicine long-term. I don't have the grades to go into med school and do a family medicine residency. But I do have enough capital and investing income to buy and/or invest in a clinic. I love family medicine and envision myself owning a clinic in the future.

How would family physicians feel if a PA would buy a clinic with a physician and help with admin duties (ex. paperwork, billing, staffing, marketing, etc.) and the physician would just do clinical duties (with the added benefit of having a PA manage simple clinical duties such as work forms, prescription renewals, etc.)? Would this model work, especially with the expansion of FHOs in Ontario? Or would there be minimal interest from physicians since they want to maximize their own income and do these other duties as well as clinical?

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