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clinical exchange or at another canadian uni as a preclerk

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Hi i was wondering if anyone knows about any pre-clerkship clinical exchanges during the summer? I just want to shadow some doctors and get exposure to various specialties and experience what its like living in another province (ontario, BC, alberta for example) or country. I'm currently a Med-1 in Quebec, but I would love the opportunity to shadow or do like a 4-week observership somewhere new since I don't want to stay in QC after graduation given I don't have any family here. I know that the quebec gov has a 4-week summer program where you can do observerships in rural areas, but i couldn't find anything in other provinces. Can anyone shed some light on this topic? Especially since covid is less of a burden nowadays, life is coming back to the pre-covid era.

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39 minutes ago, bearded frog said:

You can do observerships in BC if you're a medical student (did it as a pre-clerk at Mac, along with the ROMP program linked above), but you have to find a preceptor yourself and they have to fill out paperwork with the college, and they emphasize that it's strictly observation only.

Ohhh nice! Do you have a link to the program? is it rural only or can it be done in the city? 

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I think things have changed in the years since I did this. Now there is this: https://www.cpsbc.ca/registrants/current-registrants/registration-and-licensing/student-and-graduates/independent-clinical-experience which may mean you could actually do more than observe. The caveat when I did it is it had to be someone that was not affiliated with UBC, ie not somewhere that takes UBC med students. It was in an urban hospital, so that didn't matter. With the option above it may be more flexible. Start there, the hard part will be finding a preceptor who will do the paperwork and apply to the health authority on your behalf, if you have no connections to anyone in BC, consider reaching out to faculty in your school to see if they can connect you, etc.

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