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Something for my fellow re-applicants

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Hi everyone! 

I hope your application process has been smooth and anxiety free (ya right) this time around. I wanted to reach out to anyone out there who has had a less than calm experience applying to the University of Calgary MD Program over the last few cycles. 

This year marks my 4th cycle. Never interviewed, came close with cut-offs, still working toward the reality of becoming a physician. However, this cycle has been atypical to previous cycles and I'd like to share how/why. BTW If I sound like a crazy person half way through and you're not relating to anything I'm saying then just scroll on LOL

My first 3 cycles were wrought with fear, anxiety, and, in hindsight, a rather significant lack of professionalism/maturity. From July 1st onward, my days were filled with constant checking of UCAN transcript status', reference submissions, blog updates, and forum-reading. It was agonizing. Whenever my expectations weren't met (eg. "I know I sent my transcripts...why does it say not received?") - I would go into panic mode. Emails to admissions -- "I'm so sorry to do this..but have you received it?" -- while infrequent, still occurred despite a CLEAR statement to the contrary in the application manual. Following my submission each year, I proceeded to continue checking UCan daily to make sure that "something hadn't gone wrong" and that I hadn't totally screwed something up. All the way to interview invite season wherein I would, yet again, repeat the cycle of obsessively checking UCAN and my email address (as if they're not going to email me). Finally, after I received my letter of regret, I would then constantly be checking for my pre-interview score (yes, in January) somehow thinking that they would appear magically. The bottom line is everything worked exactly the way it was supposed to regarding my application but I spent 7 months it a state of un-ease and anxiety. 

Sound familiar to anyone?

I was overwhelmed with the stress that this process had produced and I realized that, while this process is inevitably going to be a long one for me, I can choose the way with which I interact with said process. 

So...I chose differently.


When the application opened in July, I started it. I requested my transcripts, sent my referees their invitations, uploaded my MCAT....well you know the drill. Then, I let it go. Don't get me wrong, I made sure I crossed all my T's and dotted my I's BUT I chose to trust the process and only take control of what I was responsible for.

I did not email admissions once. 

I did not read blog/forum posts.

I checked my UCAN status ONLY when I worked on my application entries.

If tech issues occurred, I turned off the computer and tried the next day.


Guys you know what happened? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing happened. All of my transcripts were received. They got my MCAT scores. My referees submitted on time.

It is laughable how calm and uneventful (dare I say boring?) this application process has been so far. BUT I have been happy. I have been clear. I have been pleasant to be around. 

So, I am going to continue this through the next few months until more info comes out in January. I invite all of you to join me on this pleasure cruise that is NOT WORRYING about "what might/ might not happen". 

And if ANY of you are worried it's not going to happen, that's ok. I've thought that too. Lately, I've been putting the word "yet" at the end of that thought and somehow I feel better about continuing. 

I hope you will too.

Stay safe and healthy and congratulations on the journey everyone. 

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I really appreciate this perspective. This is my second time applying to med school, and I've definitely found it to be a much calmer process. I'm choosing this year to not obsess over it, and it really makes such a difference.

Well wishes on your application, and stay low-stress!

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