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Impact of taking parental leave on matching to competitive internal medicine subspecialty?

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I am an internal medicine resident in Canada. For context, I am a guy. I was considering taking a month off around the time of delivery. I will end up being off-cycle by 1 block. What is the impact of this on my ability to match to a competitive subspec. How is parental leave typically viewed, is it frowned upon? Thanks.


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Agree, you should be able to take time off. As long as it doesn't affect your evals, letters, ability to interview etc I don't think it should be an issue.

Any program that vilifies you for a 1 month absence to care for a newborn is not one you want to be at. A month sounds like barely any pat leave to be honest...consider taking more. That being said, I've been through the MSM match twice (once for IM subspec, once for critical care)...most people kept it quiet until asked about it/matched. Just part of the workaholic culture and playing it safe.

Sorry you're having to navigate this. For what it's worth, I know people in competitive subspecs (cardio, ICU, GI) who took parental leave and were relatively open about it.

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For what it's worth: I have taken paternity leave 3 times (one in med school, and twice in Core IM). Currently going through the MSM CARMS process, and will be approx 2-3 months off cycle. People have asked about it in interviews (ie why are you off cycle) but it was no big deal when explained. Everyone I've talked to has said being a little off cycle will not affect anything. I agree with above: any program that it *would* affect your chances at is not where you want to be. Speaking from experience, being a father changes *everything* in a difficult but absolutely wonderful way. You will not look at life the same way ever again, and your priorities will, and should, start to shift. So take the pat leave! As the saying goes: "begin as you mean to go on". Ie if you want to be present for your kid, then make it happen, to the degree you are able, from day 1. If you don't make these decisions now, it won't get any easier later on. Also, you don't want to train or work at a place that views that as a negative in your application.

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