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CaRMS Unfinished Degrees on the CV?

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I am applying this year to CaRMS and prior to med I was in a 2-year mid-level practitioner program that would have led to a Bachelor of Health Sciences. I only did 1 year and didn't finish the degree since I got into medicine.  I am wondering if I have to include it on my CV. Some programs on the CaRMS page say "A complete curriculum vitae including all education, employment, academic and extracurricular activities."   I originally didn't put it down since Tbh I often forget about this year haha, but my friend mentioned it and said I might have to or ill get in trouble if they find out.  

Thoughts on this? 

I feel like a CV you can kind of decide what you want to say. None of the programs I am applying to require any undergraduate transcripts either. 

Thank you! 

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