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Info on Flights to Thunder Bay

Guest mauved

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Hi everyone!


I just wanted to post a quick note about flights. If someone still hasn't booked their flight - do so! I am flying to Thunder Bay on March 18th out of Toronto, Ontario, and the flights went from $500 return to over a $1,000 in 24 hours. Flight prices go up as the seats are booked up.


I would also suggest if you are flying with AirCanada that you book on their website - believe it or not the prices were a lot cheaper than either travelocity or expedia websites.


Also it seems that there are better prices on Wed night/Thurs morning, as seats are released.


Good luck and take good care,


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Hi Everyone,


I just did a search for those needing flights to Tbay from Toronto Pearson...


As of 12:30 pm on Friday Feb 24th:


Departing TO to TBay:


Fri March 17th- $162- 6:30am or 8:15 am flight

Sat March 18th- $222- 6:30 am flight

Sun March 19th-$782- 8:15 am flight


Departing TBay to TO:

Sat March 18th-$247- 4:05 pm flight

Sun March 19th-$227- 7:05 am flight or 8:50 pm flight

Mon March 20th-$97- 7:05 am flight or 10:45 am flight


Remember though that flights are approx. 1.5 hrs in length from TO to Tbay. As well, Tbay can have unpredictable weather at any point in the year. However, it is not unusual for Tbay to get snow in mid-march. If you have an interview on the 18th, it is wise to get to Tbay for the 17th. This leaves leeway in case of a snow storm or adverse conditions. Some flights have been diverted to Winnipeg because of strong winds...so plan wisely.


Hope this helps!



Anna :D

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Just a side-note....the above info was from aircanada.com as of 12:30 pm today....booking online is often much cheaper than using expedia and other travel web sites.



Anna :D

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