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Guest cc

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Hello all,


Some secondaries ask "why medicine" - but this is sort of the question I answered in the personal statement. Are they looking for something new here, or could I sort of do a re-hash of the primary?



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Guest thesaug

Hi cc,


For my essays, I did repeat some of the stuff from my primary essay, but also added some new material. For example. St. Louis asks to describe your motivation to be a doctor if you have not already done so in the primary, or if you would like to add more. My primary essay was not completely focused on why I wanted to be a doctor. I had talked about some of my activities, my experiences and my characteristics. So I used this opportunity to write a longer essay describing my passion for medicine.


I guess it depends from person to person. Some people just write the same material, and others write new essays.


Hope this helps you out!



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