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Another "my chances?"


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Hi there,


The majority of US schools require English and physics. There are over 100 med schools in the US so there may be some that don't require those courses. Best bet would be to get your hands on a copy of MSAR (medical school admission requirements) published by the AAMC for that kind of information. It also includes average MCAT/GPA for accepted applicants which will help you see where you stand.


To be honest, your GPA isn't that strong and your MCAT is on the lower side, and the US being more MCAT-friendly will make things difficult for you. I suggest that you write it again. If not, apply SUPER EARLY - as in, get your application submitted on the first day (I think that's usually June 1st of each application cycle). I highly suggest you write it again and try to get a really good score to offset your lower GPA.


Hope this helps.

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Hey all,


I am a long time lurker.....I have a 3.26 cGPA (OMSAS) and my MCAT is 10 verbal, 8 physical, 8 biological, and S on the writing sample. So total is 26S. Also, I never took a year of physics or of English. I have good extracurriculars, research experience, etc., etc. All this considered, are there any schools I could apply to? If so, which ones?


Thanks! :-)


Considering you are international. Your MCAT will not pull your GPA. I suggest write the MCAT again (jan/feb) and apply super early. Also consider doing a post-bacc degree (1 year) to pull your gpa up.


If you already applied this year, be prepared to write the mcat again...

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