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Undergrad in the UK with 5 years of research at UBC medicine

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Hey All,


This is a splendid forum that you've all got going here !


Just one question for anyone to respond to :


I'm probably an odd one out here but, I have been a research assistant, a research coordinator and research site Manager at UBC medicine for 5 years. Surgical and Anaesthesia Research mostly. I was excellent and have very strong recommendations in line. but this whole bit with having an undergrad degree from the UCL in London bugs me.


I do plan to come back to Vancouver, next year and wrap up my pre-reqs. I have a very good science aptitude.


Catch: I did my undergrad in Law at UCL, London with an upper second class honors and NO i did not hit a First Class Hons. Having said that I'm very keen on applying to UBC Meds, Calgary and Mac.


What do you reckon ? I'm a Canadian Citizen as well and a BC resident for the purpose of residency classification.


I'm 27 now and presently work for a startup Lifesciences Org in Bangalore, India while managing and travelling through the Asia Pacific, US, Europe and India. In my 2 years here in Asia, I went from being a Project Manager to a Global Client Services Manager working with Novartis, AZ, Pfizer, GSK, Amgen you name it....


Im now very keen on applying to med school. I would appreciate all of your thoughts on whether having an undergrad degree from London (LLB) Hons.


Thanks so much guys !

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