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It finally came, now I can stop worrying, ...


Is what I'd like to be saying, as I anxiously watch this thread and check my email all week. The idea of anyone in any administration at McGill actually putting out anything on a Friday seems like quite a long shot anyways if they said the 15th.


To break some of the tension in the McGill forum, does anybody know if all the invites come out at once historically? Since I'm sure it will be a question asked in a few days anyways.

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I just spoke with admissions as the status on my file had changed on minerva to missing an additional item. After they found the item and reset my status to "ready for review", they said they were hoping to release information on the invites early next week. I guess I can stop anxiously checking for a while.


I called in this morning and asked them when the invites were to be sent out and I got the same answer. She said "should be sometime next week"! =)

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