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hi everyone I need some advice

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Hi everyone, first I wish good luck to those of you that applied this year. Secondly, I would like some Honest opinion about what I can improve for my application that will be sent for the 2009/2010 cycle.


Here's my personal background:


I am a 3rd year student at university of waterloo for honours science. I did not apply this year but I will for the 2009/2010 cycle.


my stats:


3.8 on OMSAS scaled GPA

best 2 years about 3.98/3.97 and about 92.3% for best 2 years >>>might have a shot for saskatchwan if I work harder this term(first year was low)

MCAT 11/10/9/R (bio/physics/verbal/ws)




1. 1 summer in a grouphome as a health care assistant and took primary care of mentally illed patients

2. about 2 years of volunteering at a retirement home

3. about 2 years of volunteering at a biology prof's lab

4. just started this year as a mentor for science students at my school

5. some volunteer experience at a doctor's lab at U of T about a summer


things that will have been done before I apply

6. Got USRA for this upcoming summer and will work for the same professor that I volunteered for. I will volunteer abroad for about 2 weeks this summer as well


A few courses that I haven't taken, 2xenglish courses and 2xorgo labs and don't know if I want to take them or not


Schools I plan to apply for


All English speaking Canadian schools, and some US schools that do not require 2xorgo labs and 2xenglish (don't know if that school even exists!!)


My Questions to you fellow premeds:


1. What do you think I need to improve based on my file?

2. Do you think I should rewrite the MCAT or not? Since I have seen a lot of monstrous scores on this site

3. Do you think I should take those 2xenglish and 2xorgo labs even though they might jeopardize my overall GPA


Thank you so much

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