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That's one of my favourite songs. The 4am mix is even better....if you like 10 minute trance songs. I don't go clubbing but I run like a kenyan and there's nothing better than good trance to keep me going.


If you don't know Armin Van Buuren try:



And if you've managed to never hear of Tiesto:

Tegan and Sara are another one of my favourite bands, so this has to be one of the greatest songs of all time (OF ALL TIME!).

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ughhh tiesto is terrible.

Last time I went to his show he trainwrecked twice (train wrecking is where all the music just completely shuts off because the DJ screwed up royally).


If you have some solid headphones with a reasonable amount of bass, these songs will sound delightful. If you plan on listening to it through your laptop speakers, you will be very disappointed:



For something with less bass, there is always moonbeam. This song is magical:



For some electro, here is herve:



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as i head out for the night, im going to have to extreeeeeeeeemmmmelllly concur, specially on deadmau5


im also gonna throw in, east clubbers, benassi's newer stuff, avb, ferry corsten, deep dish... honestly though, theres just too much good underground stuff too that i couldnt have the time to name, so im gonna peace!




and Deadmau5

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