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Donating to Predents FREE Carving Soaps from CDA

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Hi guys... ok, so I found a bunch of brand new soaps I never bothered carving and am electing to donate them to some of you who need to improve on their carving. I have 15 bars and as many of you know... ordering them from CDA is like 40 bucks/6 pack so they are way more expensive than your shoppers drugmart bought Lever 2000 or Irish Springs bar soaps.


I think Ill split em up into 5 sets - 5 sets of 3 soaps since that should give you a good start to the carving.


Now I have no idea who I should donate these to??? I wish I had enough to give to all of you guys but that's life and I just don't have enough to go around.


Ummmm.....:confused: I'm gonna say that people who have either done poorly on the carving should get these so that they can try to improve their score. Maybe people who have wrote multiple times and have really low scores?


Drop me a pm and let me know how you did on carving and Ill decide since people who are carving and getting decent scores should forgo these soaps and take comfort that your dexterity skills are good enough. Leave these to people who really really NEED improvement.


I'm in Toronto and a past U of T student so I'd prefer to give these to people in Toronto since it is more local.


Also, I am willing to help some of you with the carving if you want.

I wrote the DAT 3 times... (to try to up my Reading Comp) but generally carved pretty good.....


23, 16, 20 - to be honest.... I thought the carving I scored 16 on was my best so I really have no #$%&ing idea how they grade the soaps anymore especially now that they use that pink soap instead of the previous green soap (both of which are drastically different in consistency).


But... I will try my best to help you guys carve if you need em.... I have boat loads of my old soaps that I could show since I carved most of the shapes in the IQ pub books.


Good luck everyone :cool:

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