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I'm looking into what MCAT prep courses to take and I admit I'm a little overwhelmed! Exam Krackers, The Princeton Review, Kaplan, Burkely, oxford seminars... WHICH DO I GO FOR??


I've been reading what people say about their experiences about these programs and courses, but I'm not sure what to go for. I have a science background; I'm in third year and have taken bio courses all along, I've taken chem and ochem, and physics. However, I haven't had phsyics since first year, and my ochem isn't so hot.


So I'm wondering where I stand: I need to review my stuff, but I don't some super deluxe package like someone without any background would need. However, I would't say no to a refresher on the basics of physics since it has been almost three years since my last "A student drops a ball from a roof with an initial velocity of..." question.


So if anyone has any opinions on what they used and why they liked it/disliked it, I'd really appreciate ANY information.

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