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funny interview experiences?


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I was wondering if anybody had any funny/facepalm experiences with interviews and what not.


This one time, I had met up with this professor to talk about what work I could do for him. Anyways I was pretty nervous at the time, because he is a really smart guy, and I did not want to dissappoint, but I ending up doing so ...


So anyways he was asking me if I had any experience using PUBMED and knew how to search for articles. I was really nervous, and sometimes when I get nervous my speaking gets retarded. So I replied quickly to him saying "I am familiar with searching with schorarry sources." I had meant to say scholarly sources.


Anyways he looks at me dumbfoundedly. He says to himself outloud. "Scohorarry, what's schorarry?" I turned red . Then he's like "OH, SCHOLARLY!"


Anyways I was so embarassed! I'm not FOB at all. It was really sad because I don't know why I rolled the r's. I was born in Canada, and have spoken English all my life.




Anybody have any similar experiences to share?


haha oh man it's not nearly as bad as my first interview.. you know those scenes in the movie where people are super nervous they'll ramble on about anything and everything and then bam! foot in their mouth? Yeah story of my life. Agh, interviews.. of all pre-med obstacles to overcome, why does this seem like it's going to be my hardest one? lol

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My research prof. interviewed me back in February, and asked what I was learning in physics... I stared at her blankly for about one minute cause I could not think of anything... then I started to talk about calorimetry but I forgot the word "calorimetry' and said "the Styrofoam cup thing.. ", embarrassing!:eek: , I later explained that my physics prof doesn't explain things well and is not very accommodating.


She replied: "he is not very accommodating during our meetings either.." and laughed! :P


I still got the job though:)

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In Grade 11 I was interviewing for a position at a bank. I was so nervous (this was my first job interview) that I was swinging my feet under the table. I ended up kicking the lady in the kneecap, and by her reaction it hurt.


I didn't get that job.


Sorry but I LOLed!!

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Last year I was interviewing at a US med school. It was split in 2 parts with two 30min interviews with a member of the faculty. The first guy had a 21 page CV, I didn't bothered reading through all of it I just thought it was research oriented (why the hell else would it be so long?). So I said "I see from your CV you have a big interest in research" and the interviewer responds "not really I'm more of a clinician." FAIL


Second interview I spent half the time talking with the interviewer about cars, lol! We really developed a car guy bond. He also happened to be the dean of admissions. I got in. :D

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