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US pharmacy admission question


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Hi there,


I was looking at mabe applying to a couple of American Pharmacy schools but some of the ones I looked at require a public speaking course. But my university does not offer such a course so I was wondering if there are any classes that could replace that or if I could take it at another school however I don't know if any of the schools near where I live even offer the course. Any insight would be helpful especially if you also encountered problems with this.


Thanks :)

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Cliffs Test Prep PCAT: 5 Practice Tests by American Book Works Corporation

Barron's PCAT: Pharmacy College Admission Test by Marie A. Chisholm-Burns Pharm D MPH

PCAT Flashcard Book (REA)-Pharmacy College Admin Test (Flash Card Books) by the Staff of REA

How to Prepare for PCAT by Marie A. Chisholm-Burns Pharm D R Ph

Get into Pharmacy Schools: Ex for Success! by William Figg & Cindy H Chau

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