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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

Guest Jixe

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Guest Jixe

Just want to continue this process that Ian started in the other threads.


"If you can copy and paste the below form, and fill it out, that'd be awesome. If you want to contribute your GPA and MCAT stats in addition, that's great too.


Please keep all replies focussed as answers to the below. If you have any questions, please start a new thread so that this one stays on topic."




I'm a (Province) resident in (undergraduate or graduate) studies at (X) school. My GPA was (XYZ) and my MCAT scores were:


Physical Sciences: (x)

Verbal: (y)

Biological Sciences: (z)

Written Sample: (z)


I was (accepted/rejected/waitlisted) by NOMS. This is my (first/second/third/more than third) time applying to this school.


Of all the schools I applied to, I'd like to attend (XYZ Med School) as my first choice.

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Guest dogpaddler09

I'm a Northern Ontario resident, I graduated from Human kinetics at Guelph in 1992. I have a second degree from a professional school from which I graduated in 1996. My OMSAS GPA is 3.28. I was waitlisted at NOSM the only school at which I interviewed. I previously interviewed at Mac but was bad-waitlisted there. Obviously, NOSM is my first (and only) choice.

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  • 2 years later...

To all of those who have a hope of getting in to meds....I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster.


Here are my stats.


1st Undergrad GPA: 3.23


Masters: 3.93


2nd undergrad GPA: 3.95


MCAT: (not that it mattered) VR:9, BS:11, PS:10, WS:P


So Dr. Happy Hippo & other individuals that monitor this message board constantly.....It is possible.


Interviewed at:


U of C



Good luck to all.......Accepted at NOSM!!!!


See you in September!!!!! CHEERS!!!!

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Waitlisted at NOSM - but no surprise since I have lived almost 18 years in Southern Ontario (plus 10 years in rural Sask.)


I got into U of C (my 1st choice) as an OOP, so I am happy to be moving back west!


Thanks to everyone who were there on the interview day - everyone was really nice and Tbay was great! Good luck to those of you who got in - I look forward to crossing paths with you NOSM guys and gals down the line.



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  • 5 months later...

I was waitlisted at spot #47 with a 3.2 2 years ago, and at spot #33 last year with a 3.47.


I had excellent interviews and written component. Although a few students with low gpa's get in, you pretty much need over a 3.7-3.8, plus being from the North, and an excellent interview to get in. I'm hoping my now 3.96 will be the ticket for 2009.

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  • 6 months later...

I still can't believe I am writing this post :eek:


Applied: McMaster & NOSM

Interviewed: McMaster & NOSM

Accepted: McMaster & NOSM

GPA: 3.78


EC: Member of team Canada, volunteer at local pound for 5 years, charity organizer for Big Sisters Foundation, competitive gymnastics coach, volunteer board member for provincial sports organization, psych ward volunteer, motorcycle racer/rider, research on mental illness & homelessness etc....



I applied as an aboriginal applicant.


McMaster is my first choice and I will be attending McMaster in the fall. :D :D

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Not a great day for me!


Applied: McMaster and NOSM

Interviewed: NOSM

Rejected: NOSM :P


GPA: 3.71

-volunteer in local ER (2 yrs)

-personal companion to boy with Down's Syndrome (6 yrs)


-car/motorcycle enthusiast

-student representative for psychology dept

-involved with various campus programs: human rights, food drive, woman's centre, pen pals


-born in Elliot Lake (lived there for 9 years)

-small town (6500 people) from 10-16 yrs

-medium town (30000) from 16-present


My application for next year is stronger than this years... though I wish I could help my GPA. I've got research, some presentations, and new volunteer experience (local GP's office).

Fingers: Crossed for 2010.

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I have waiting 4 very long years to write this post:


Accepted to NOSM Sudbury and will be accepting the offer. This is my 4th time applying - waitlisted for 2 of the previous 3 years at spots 33 (gpa: 3.47) and 47 (gpa: 3.2).


Current NOSM GPA: 3.96


Sketch: varsity athlete, 2 undergrad degrees (Life Sci and Nursing), music background, very involved in community of Thunder Bay (high school coach, shelter volunteer), lots of Aboriginal and far north experience, research experience but no publications.


Interview: In all honesty, this year it was just ok. I felt good about 7/10 stations but there were 3 that I bombed. Other years were much better. I suppose my pre-interview score was quite high.


To all those that are waiting or have received bad news - the feeling sucks. I know what it's like 'cause I've felt it 3 years in a row. If you really want to be a doctor you will find a way to get in. Always make decisions that will improve your application (whether it be what program you decide to take, where to live, what activities to get involved in, research opportunities, etc) and persevere.

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First time applying to med


Completing a PhD in psych

have BA & MA in psych


wait-listed pretty far down on the list at NOSM

Accepted to Two Australian Universities pending MCAT scores.....


Guess this means I'm gonna be an Aussie soon.

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Well deserved Steelie.


I got rejected at NOSM on my first attempt. Finishing masters (done now), lot's of time up north.


Not that disappointed though, I felt honoured just to get an interview: the calibre of people I met at the interview was very high.


Question: what does reserve waitlist mean? Does everyone who gets rejected get put on the reserve waitlist or is it just a second tier waitlist?


Congrats to those who got in.

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Waitlisted (very favourable rank)

Will decline if get off waitlist.



Recent undergrad graduate.

Second time applying to medschools. First time applying to NOSM.



Current Degree GPA: 3.92



I thought it went well. There were 2 stations that were kind of rocky, but the rest felt good. Had lots of practice/research with a few friends.



Accepted at Western. That's where I'm going. Yay!

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Lol a little bit!


But here are some stats (in no particular order).


GPA: 3.89

Hometown: in northern ontario

Degree: Health Sciences


I've dreamt about NOSM for years now. I'm in love with the North, and want to spend my life here. Everything I stand for is in line with this school. I couldn't be happier!


Best of luck to anyone who hasn't heard yet. I also look forward to meeting everyone else in the class of 2013!

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I am waitlisted at #3!!!!!


soooooooo excited! come on come on come on!!!


GPA: 3.7

1st time applying

Various extracurriculars

Rural, but not from the North!!


Congratulations to those accepted, and good luck next year for those who weren't. And may the waitlist move quickly!!

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Hi everyone!


In continuing with the discussion....


I'm a Sudbury, Ontario resident. I took Biomedical Science at Laurentian and also did my B.Ed. there as well. I am currently a Science Teacher. My GPA was 3.85 and I did not write the MCAT.


I was accepted by NOSM and MAC. This is my first time applying to med school.


Of all the schools I applied to, I will be attending NOSM, Sudbury Campus!


So excited to meet you all! I know this will be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience!


aLa :)

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Just got accepted to NOSM, the only school I interviewed with. My GPA was 3.65 and I took Biology/Biochemistry at Queen's. This was my first time applying. I'm from Sioux Lookout, and had a bunch of assorted volunteer stuff and community involvement (lots of long-term commitments) as well as a ton of intramurals and such. I felt pretty good after the interview, and loo forward to meeting people who will be attending West Campus.


Congrats to everyone else who got accepted, good luck to those on the waitlists for NOSM and the other schools!

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I am a Northern Ontario resident about to graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Science from Western. My GPA is 3.98


I was accepted by NOSM. This is my first time applying to this school.


NOSM is my first choice and I most certainly will accept my offer at the Laurentian campus in Sudbury as I am excited to be a part of this innovative program of study.

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Ok, I joke, not really a senior citizen... but felt that way during the interviews.. seeing all these undergraduate students there.


Interviewed: NOSM and Mac

Accepted: NOSM


My quick bio..

-Undergrad (long time ago)

-Masters (also quite awhile ago...)

-was currently working as a civil servant for a seasonal position (praying and saving for medical school)

-studied for MCAT, but got my acceptance just before I had to apply to write it!


I don't really have an amazing bio.. I just stuck to and believed in my passion!


Good luck to all and see those of you accepted in August! ;)


And a special note for any who don't make it this time, DON'T GIVE UP HOPE, ignore the comments from others "well, whatever is meant to be will be..." this comment is reserved for only those who give up and find a new passion in their lives.

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Accepted at NOSM, Sudbury campus



This is my first time applying to all medical schools.

Currently at Carleton University, Neuroscience Honours, graduating this year


Have lived in Sudbury for most of my life


OMSAS gpa: 3.96

MCAT: 11 PS, 10 VR, R WS, 11 BS, total 32R


ECs: 7 years at cancer centre, 3 years on first aid team + 2 leadership positions on team, 3 years with therapy dogs program, tutoring, competitive dance, tennis, cultural association leadership position, coordinator of youth festival, summer NSERC, choreography, environmental club leader, etc.


Applied to: U of T, NOSM, U of O, Western, Mac, Queen's, U of A, UBC, U of M, and U of C


Interviewed:U of T, NOSM, U of O, Western, Mac, Queen's, U of A, UBC


Accepted: U of T, NOSM, UBC

Waitlisted: Mac, Western, Queen's, U of O (bad)

Rejected: U of A



I felt that my interview went well, but was kind of worried because my answers tend to be concise and I was left just randomly chatting at many of the stations.


Will most likely be attending U of T, although I was very excited to be accepted at NOSM and still think it's a great school...it was a tough decision!


Good luck to everyone still waiting and congrats to those accepted!!

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  • 11 months later...

Guess I should update my info here:


Applied: All Ontario medical schools

Interview: UWO, Queens, NOSM

Accepted: UWO (London), Queens, NOSM (Sudbury)


Rural born and raised but I am not from Northern Ontario (I am SWOMAN).


I accepted UWO a few days ago so there should be a spot opening up on the wait list at NOSM. NOSM is a fantastic school and I am honoured to have been accepted there. I wish the best to everyone entering into the 2014 NOSM class and I look forward to seeing you at OMSW.


To those who were unsuccessful this year keep your head up. Medicine is incredibly hard to get into (as well as incredibly hard to get through, survive in, etc). None-the-less, if you truly believe that you were meant to go through medicine you can do it. Especially those from Northern Ontario, NOSM already loves you. Go all out on your interview preparation next year and it will pay off in performance.

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  • 11 months later...

1. In the teens on the waitlist, better than last year where I was in the early 20s but still worrisome.


2. GPA is 3.75


3. From the north with much community involvement


4. I will move to Alberta if my number does not come up this year. I only applied to NOSM.

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1. Accepted


2. 3.68 (bachelors of medical science, honor specialization in Pathology and Toxicology, Western)


3. Research in Epi and pathology, military (as a medtech), cadets, exec with red cross society, editor with undergrad research journal, pre-med club, intramural volleyball and some other stuff


4. Moved to North Bay since I was 10, first time applying, my interview went very well because I love to talk haha, I also did a med MMI at the university of Calgary before NOSM (which was harder than the NOSM one I think). Everyone in my program was practicing with each other for professional school interviews so that was also a big help.


It was a VERY tough decision because I love the north but I will move to Calgary for med school if accepted there (I find out May.13th). Very honored NOSM accepted me and loved every minute of the interview as well as the people I have met at NOSM

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1. Waitlisted #24

2. 3.79 cGPA

3. Pretty good extra curricular activies...at least I think

4. Lived in an urban centre in Northern Ontario for the past 4 years. Francophone applicant.


I was bad waitlisted from Ottawa.... but yeah NOSM was my first choice cause the famz is here now. I finish up grad school this month so once I'm done with that, I guess I'll take a serious jab at the MCAT and reapply one last time...lol!



Congratz to everyone for making this far!

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First and foremost CONGRATS to all who have been accepted, and good luck to those waitlisted. :confused:


1) In the teens on the waitlist


2) GPA = 3.76


3) Volunteered extensively for the past 5 years in hospitals, nursing homes, aboriginal wellness centers, and with mentally handicapped individuals (both in clinical settings and in sports). As well as have played competitive soccer for the last 7 years.


4) I'm from the north (since the age of 5). With interest in returning to the north to be closer to family. I did not get interviewed anywhere else, so we'll see what happens.


ONCE AGAIN: good luck to all you premeders!

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