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I'm having difficulty deciding what address to use on the police reference check. Here is my situation. My permanent residence is city X and I'm attending university in city Y . Some of my ECs are done at city X and some at city Y. I reside at City Y September-April and City X May-August. I am also in a lease at City Y from September-April. Although I'm keeping the address of my drivers license, passport etc. City X, can the address on the police reference be City Y? because the organizations I'm applying to volunteer require a police reference check with the City Y address to make things easier.


Why is this a problem? University of Ottawa med school states that

"The autobiographical sketch and the permanent address listed on the application form will be used to determine the geographical status of the applicants"


When I submit the med school applications and later a Police reference check, med schools will see that my permanent address on OMSAS, UBC med, Dalhousie med, etc. application is City X, but some of my ECs are done at City Y.


If I temporarily use City Y on the police reference check, how will this affect my residency status? In the med school applications, I'll claim that my permanent address is City X but my Police reference check will say City Y as I'm in city Y 8 out of the 12 months.


What should I do?

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Assuming I'm reading this right, it sounds like you're applying for next year but you need a police check right now for volunteer work. If that's the case, you'll probably need to get a new one anyway if you get in next year. Not sure about every med school, but Calgary wanted one that was done no more than 4 months before the start of classes. So just get it done for city Y since that's what you need now, then when you get in and decide which school you're going to, get another one. Even if you did have to submit one for city Y, which isn't your permanent address, it shouldn't affect your residency status, because it should be pretty obvious to the med schools that you're only there for school anyway. :)

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