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Second Undergrad - Jan/Sept Start?

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Hi Guys,


With my current OMSAS GPA & UBC:


1) 3.24 (77%)

2) 2.9 (72%)

3) 3.1 (75%)

4) 3.47 (82%)


A second undergraduate degree is very necessary. I have gotten the ball rolling with UBC - I am quite certain that I could be accepted to Food Nutrition & Health & receive a BSc.


I have been in touch with the faculty advisor & they said a lot of my previous courses play into the degree - & I would actually be able to enter as a 3rd year student. Is this okay - will 2 years be enough time to significantly raise my stakes as a competitive applicant?


If it were you - would you wait for Sept 2012 start program - FULL TIME. Or start taking 3 classes in Jan 2012 as an unclassified student - whilst working full time in research?

The only reason I am considering this is to not delay anymore? Sort of freaked about time - I am 23 years old!


I don't know what I would do without the knowledge of the individuals on this site.


Thank you SO much!



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Hey Jd.


I kind of feel stupid for doing this a second time, but I suppose I might as well. I wish you put this response in your other thread lol. Anyway, If I were you, I'd start full time asap...if that's not possible, your option of doing research and part time school is a good way to go. You don't want to have a large gap in your CV/Resume after all. I myself did a college certification to pass the time before enrolling full time this sept.


You shouldn't be too worried about the age thing. Most med schools' average age for first year students is around 25, so don't worry about it too much. What matters is that you don't waste time unnecessarily. Are you still planning to apply to OMSAS? or are you going to stick with UBC/UC etc?

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You want to show 2 years of full time studies with high grades, so I would only go for part time if you intend to do 2 full years. Then, if you are doing 3 part time courses, you may want to receive 3 less credits towards your next degree if you feel your part time studies will result in higher grades for these 3 courses than the courses you frop from the degree.

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