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pretty much. pretty sure they tailor their cuts to have 450 interviews. you can prob bet that the vr cut will therefore stay the same, since it cuts out a bunch of people. the ps and bs might change. they've had O and P cut offs for ws in recent history (not sure if any Qs...?). and a 3.75 for the best two years. imo, 10/11/10/P (again, maybe Q, but i doubt it...?) and 3.75 in both best two years would probably guarantee you an interview as long as you don't have anything else wrong with your app. this year was 3.7 for best two years though. 3.75 is just essentially safe.


feel free to correct.



the GPA cut-off was a 3.75 in some years

MCAT BS cut-off was also a 11 in one odd year


Now granted, these years seem to be outside of the norm, but you never know


beat me to it. also note the older 11 (bs) that i missed.

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Yeah it's been pretty much held at 11 VR for last cycle and the one before, if I recall. Probably not going to change this year (it might, but it's highly unlikely).


Yup - I think this is year 3 of a VR of 11. Things do change of course occasionally :)


What will be interesting for all of us is when the MCAT changes relatively soon!

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