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Macbook Air 13 inch vs Macbook Pro 15 inch (non retina)

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Hey all,

I want a small, compact, light computer for med school @Mac that I won't be too lazy to bring to class with me!


I'm debating between the $1700ish 13 inch model of the air vs the $1700ish 15 inch model of the macbrook pro...


I'm aware the air doesnt have a changeable harddrive or a lot of memory space... for you guys in med school.. did you buy the air and regret it for these reasons? Do you feel with the air it gets "noisy" or "lags" when you are multi tasking on it? Should I compromise on the size/weight of the laptop and go for the bulkier Pro because it has better specs?


I'm going to mainly use the computer to view lectures, make notes, watch tv if I have free time and do readings (pdfs). I don't play computer games.



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I have a 13" inch macbook air and I love it! Its so light I always carry it. My friends are even considering selling their pro's and get air. Never had a problem with it. Finishing first year as well!


Edit: this guy posted in 2012! Pretty sure he has a computer by now...

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