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What are my chances? (another..)

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Hi all!


I'm not an Ontario resident but spent the first 10 years of my life in rural Newfoundland.


-GPA: 3.6 (undergrad degree + 0.2 since I did an MSc so 3.8); 3.9 (graduate degree)

-Lot's of ECs, work, and research experience (dance for 15+ years, camp counselor for 4 years, etc.)

-Have been working in mental health for the past 3 years (3 years at a mood disorders clinic and 1 year at a psychosis clinic as a symptom evaluator with direct, one-on-one contact with patients)


Any thoughts on my chances?


Thank you! :)

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Are you living in Northern Ontario currently? If you look on the NOSM website at the demographics of each class, it's around 95% northern and the other 5 % is rural. So that's only approx 3 of the 64 seats for the non-northern applicants to compete for. That doesn't mean that you couldn't be one of them. I'm just passing the info along because it wasn't until I saw the stats that I really understood the degree to which context plays a role.

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