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Selling Complete MCAT Notes and Studyguides


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Hey All!


I'm selling my detailed StudyGuides for the MCAT. I spent A LOT of time building these out, and preparing for the MCAT.


I scored in the top 7%, and now attend NYU, so they worked out for me :)*


These notes have most everything you need to review for the test, and you can even do a free 30% preview on this site. (StudySoup.com)


Complete Set of StudyGuides

OChem StudyGuide

Physics only StudyGuide

GenChem only StudyGuide



Best of luck to you all future Med students!


ps: dozens of people have e-mailed me thanking me for these notes. I love to hear that, so let me know if they help you.


pss: Also, if you're not completely satisfied with them, just let me know and I'll refund you. I want to make sure they are helpful to everyone who uses them.

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