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Seeking 'outside' Information: A Viable Solution?


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Hey guys,


So I had a quick question (with example). If you were asked a 'what would you do?' style question, is saying "I would look up... and based on that..." a suitable response? For example:




Your mother is bed-ridden due to a chronic disease. She vehemently refuses to be hospitalized and instead wants to rely on alternative medicine (acupuncture, herbal teas, etc.). What would you tell her?


In this scenario, what do you think of a response like this:




I would first do some research on the treatments that she is interested in. The first step to conquering a problem is to acquire information. If credible data shows that her desired treatment is advantageous...


To me, this sort of response sort of feels like it's brushing off responsibility. Obviously it's very important to be well-informed, but the question is asking for what you would do... I always assumed seeking outside information was taboo. I'm starting to doubt my position on it, however. Please offer any insight you may have on it! Thanks :D


Edit: Oops, just realized how 

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Sure that directly answers the question but doesn't really explain anything about how you think and would be a relatively poor response to a MMI situation. A better answer would be to talk to her about why she refuses to be hospitalized and why she would rather use alternative medicine. ie get the patients perspective. Then talk a little about your understanding of why people turn to alternative medicine, and what role you think it might play in modern health care. Then suggest a couple of ways of addressing the reasons for her decision. Maybe she had a bad experience with a doctor previously?  Maybe her good friend was admitted and had a painful death and doesn't want the same? Maybe she read that the alternative medicine was one crazy trick to cure whatever that the doctors don't want you to know about? Finally you could say that if you were unfamiliar with the specific alternative medicine she was interested in you would investigate any proper studies on its effectiveness or risks etc. Try to drop "evedence-based medicine" in there for brownie points :P

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