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2014-2015 Skype Mmi/interview Practice - Organized Spreadsheet


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Edit February 2015: Don't worry about room, there's an infinite amount of spots available. Just message me for the link.


Edit January 2015: So after running this for a month it seems like this post is a bit overkill. Just skype someone on the list (pm me for the link, not posted here for confidentiality purposes) if you're interested in practicing and figure out your own logistics/preferences from there. I'll leave this text up.


Hey everyone, I've participated in a few Skype interview practice sessions in the past but have generally found them hard to coordinate with a large number of people.


My goal here is to organize an easy way to set up brief (~30 minute) interview practice sessions with a large variety of different people. This is how I envision the process:

1. Create a station, which can be an acting scenario, ethical scenario, traditional question, etc. This will be "your station". If you can't think of any feel free to consult other resources. Make sure you have some probing questions too (if appropriate).

2. Post your contact info in the Google Sheet along with the type of station you created.

3. Find someone on that list, contact them (or wait to be contacted), and arrange a time to Skype.

4. Skype at the arranged time. Have one person be the interviewer and type their question into the chat box while the other person is the interviewee. Follow MMI conditions accordingly (usually 2 minutes to read, 6-8 minutes to discuss). If you're interested in a traditional question, you can do it MMI style as well or let the other person know the preferred format.

5. Switch roles after the allotted time, and have the second person type their question into the chat box.

6. Provide feedback to each other after both people have had a chance to be the interviewer and interviewee.

7. Feel free to do more stations or chat.


Just a few details regarding the fields I created:

Name: Enter a nickname such as your premed101 ID if you want

Contact: Facebook link, email, phone number, etc. for setting up a time to Skype. If you're always on Skype and that is the most convenient way to contact you put that here too. For me, I'm usually not on Skype.

General availability: Days of the week and times when you will be free to practice.

Schools interviewing at: Some schools have different types of stations which you can mutually prepare for.

Station Type IGNORE THE REST OF THIS (Date): List the station types you have (acting, ethical, communication, etc.) along with the dates you added the stations. The idea is that if you have more than one station or add more stations later on, people who you have already Skyped with can Skype you again.


To try to protect contact info a bit I'm making the sheet available to only those with the link, so pm me if you are interested. If you have any suggestions also feel free to post them below. I hope this works out well!

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