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Average Rent, Ottawa?

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Starting residency in Ottawa in July…I know in Ontario, residents make $51000 in PGY-1 + call stipends, and from what I've heard, that can come to between $55000-$60000 (I may be wrong about that).


I have will have approx $160 000 debt on graduation on LOC.


Just wondering, what do residents pay on average for rent?? I just want to know what I should feel comfortable paying, given my salary and the amount of money I'll have to pay on interest.


I don't know how much of the $50-60000 will be deducted in terms of taxes and  mandatory fees...




Thanks in advance!

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Hi there!


Ok, last year it was about 1500 every two weeks base (gone up a bit since that though - probably around 1600 now), plus every 4 weeks you get your call stipend which of course varies but for a really busy block with 6 calls it is about 350. Max of course, some are much less (home call vs in house call and the number of shifts).


You will pay out about 177 a month in insurance on top of that but get 80% back every 3 months (about 450 comes back every 3 months therefore).


You will get a large refund with respect to taxes every year (about 4500 in year one) - you have the option of instead of paying taxes just not paying the tax in the first place if you fill out the form. Dealers choice (if you don't then it is just 4500/12 more per month).


Rent varies again - roommate/location etc, but say 1400-1600 is I would think about the norm. I have friends at more than that because they wanted to live downtown where the action is. I have friends how have doubled up and got a 2000K place and thus spend about 1000 etc.


You can go cheaper but quality will suffer and you will farther away. Again dealers choice.


Note you are paid every 2 weeks so there are exactly two months of the year when you will get actually 3 paycheques (26 payments per year). Usually Oct and May it seems, and those would likely be "happy months" as a result.


You can directly calculate the interest you owe at this point per month :)


Other costs to know about - you will have to pay for the MCCQE part 2 - at an annoying 2200 in your pgy 1 year in most cases (unless FM), and parking at the hospital isn't cheap either at about 1300 a year I hear.


A lot of people seem to still slide more in debit in the first year, and stabilize at least a bit later on. Cannot say that would make me comfortable but there you go :)

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Anyone have any experience with leasing a vehicle? I'm kinda nervous to lock myself into another monthly payment, but I will be paying quite a bit less for rent (~900) than what you describe above (1400-1600). The car I'm looking at would be ~250$/month, and I expect to be paying approx 400-450 interest on my LOC.


Like, how much money should I have left over after my apartment and vehicle to "live" (e.g. food, etc.). If we make about $3000/month, then you subtract 900 for apartment, 170 for parking, 100 for car insurrance, 250 for the car, 450 for the LOC, that leaves me with just over $1000/month. Any thoughts?




Should I just buy a cheap used car?

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I think a lease is wise seeing as a cheap used car may be unreliable and create unforeseen repair costs. Since I started leasing I'd never go back, the reliability of a new car is something I really love.  Sounds like you'll be in pretty good shape financially, you may want to look into the cost of utilities if they aren't included, here in Ottawa we have some pretty expensive services in some areas like hydro etc.  Good Luck!!

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