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Should I Rewrite The Mcat?


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Hey everyone, first time poster. 


I'm struggling to decide whether or not to rewrite the MCAT this summer because of my CARS score (126).


(127/126/131/131) (515) - taken in 2015

cGPA: 3.96


Diverse, and some long-term ECs (filled in all slots) 

Ontario resident

Completed 4th year UG


Would you rewrite with these scores? 





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You have a great overall, which is probably why you got a Queen's interview. And as you know, Ottawa and Toronto you're good. 


This is just my opinion, but I would practice CARS and see if you are able to drastically improve, and if you do, write it. If not, don't write it. You don't have much to lose because if you go down to 125, Queens will still automatically take your best score, and you're still good for Toronto and Ottawa. However, if you are scared you'll go under a 125 in CARS, don't write it (don't risk Toronto).


Additionally, you have an excellent GPA for ottawa, just practice hard for CASPER! (and who knows, if you practice casper hard enough, you may get McMaster as well! Even though 126 is considered low, there are a decent number of people who get interviews + acceptances at McMaster with a 126 and a high GPA like you).

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