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Can I apply to DO schools without MCAT

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hey all, 

Can I apply for the AACOM without my MCAT and then when I get my score I just attached it?? Writing MCAT on August 4st , results by September 11th. 

Going into my Honours (4th) year of undergrad,

GPA around 3.67

100+ hrs Hospital volunteer

40+ hrs DO (shadowing) 

school Club president and lots of other volunteer activities

What are my chances? Still waiting for MCAT !! Is applying end of September late ??

Also can you please give me an updated list of VERY friendly Canadian DO school since 2015 

Lastly, I am gonna be taking my 2 English next year in school, I have done sociology and linguistics, but I am not planning to rely on these for English credits, that ok with DO schools, like I don't need to have all my pre-quest ready before my application? This will not affect my chances right?

Thanks for your help.  

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I also did some research because I wanted to apply to it. Let me try to help (not sure if my info is 100% accurate).

I'm pretty sure you can submit your MCAT score after you've submitted your application. However, keep in mind that they also do rolling admissions. What that means is that the spots are first-come-first-serve. You'll need significantly better stats if they review your file by September when your results are out, and that is essentially what you are doing because most schools will not review your file (even though you submitted it early) without your MCAT score.

As for your chances, 3.67 is alright for DO. People I know usually apply with a 3.75+ (but that's also because they're using it as a back up so they obvious have pretty nice stats). 100+ hr hospital volunteer and your 40h+ shadowing would help. I think the main determining factor would be what you really mean by "school club president and lots of other volunteer activities." 


I think you'll have a decent chance.

Apply and see what happens!

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