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Quick Question - GPA Calculation

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Just a quick question - 

For undergrads, MUN uses the following GPA scheme:

  • 80 - 100: A
  • 65 - 79: B
  • 60 - 64: C
  • 50-59: D
  • < 50: F

That means that someone with an 80-81% average (as long as they've never gotten below 80) can technically have a 4.0, just as someone with a 90%+ average. When calculating minimum GPAs and cut-offs, does MUN use GPA or % grade? If so, what % grade would be considered competitive?

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So yes, for transcript purposes that’s the case, but for a competitive program like medicine having such a wide range of what would be a 4.0 vs 3.0 just doesn’t make sense. Like you say, if that were the case, one could have an 80 average and a 4.0 while somebody could have an average of 90% + and a 4.0 GPA. It’s just not a good comparison (in my opinion).

On the admissions website they show a totally different grade conversion chart entirely which you can see here

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