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Vancouver here. Not really looking for an in person study buddy until the summer  since I am waaay too swamped with my current course load (if anyone here can give me a crash course for the biochem I will buy you exactly 1 slice of Uncle Fatih's pizza because my parents stopped sending me money lol) but I wrote the CARS section with only 2 weeks of practice and scored 130. More than happy to give any advice to people who are struggling with CARS. Was scoring 131/132 on the practice tests. Feel free to PM. 

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On 10/19/2018 at 6:58 AM, scrubbed0ut said:

Looking for an MCAT study buddy!! we could be online friends if anything haha please msg me if interested :) planning to take it spring 2019!! 

Have you taken your exam yet? I am registered for the Aug 31 date in Calgary and would like a study buddy throughout the summer!

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