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Course withdraw "W" on transcript

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Hello guys, 

I plan on withdrawing from a course (which is not a requirement either for my degree and U of A dentistry) because I have been working hard to get a good or even decent grade in the course, but the grade is so far not good and it just seems like the course itself does not fit me. Will "W" affect my chance of getting into dental school? 

Another note, at my current university, it will show up as "W" in my transcript, but I'm not sure if that will be the same if my transcript gets transferred to U of A. There's a section in U of A website that shows grading, and I found this:


withdrew from or failed course in progress (assigned to Part A of a Two-Term or One-Term A/B Course where the final grade assigned to Part B is a withdrawal or failure)


I'm not sure if this applies to me. The course I am taking (and plan on dropping) is one-term, and there is no multiple "parts" to the course... but getting this sounds worse than "W". I'm really worried about my situation right now, so any info is really appreciated.

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