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I am a long time lurker, and this is my first post. I was wondering if my fellow Canadian comrades could post some statistics on their GPA/MCAT/ECs and what US MD schools they're currently attending so I have an idea of the level of competition. Just confirming I am a Canadian CITIZEN.

Also, I have the following stats, I would really appreciate some feedback and perhaps recommendations on certain schools that fit my experiences/scores:

516 on the MCAT (129/128/130/129)

3.8 GPA (Perfect GPA last 2 years, how significantly do they care about trends??)


Lots of volunteering at a hospital in patient care (300+ hours)

2 publications with a neurosurgeon

Spent the majority of my undergrad playing a varsity sport for my school,

The remaining time was spent teaching special needs students with a company in my community and coaching.

Did a few outreach clubs and have exec positions here and there, but nothing too serious outside of teaching, sports, and research.

Lots of random awards by the university and province for sports, high class standing awards, and a bunch of smaller things.

I have NO SHADOWING experience, given it isn't emphasized in Canada but please recommend whether it is very important to the states. I know it's a lot of questions but would REALLY appreciate it, thank you :)


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