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52 minutes ago, tehol123 said:

I'm sick of waiting already lol, I like being able to plan my life. But for the interview itself, I actually thought it was pretty standard and enjoyed the experience. 

I can definitely agree with that. It’s going to be a long wait, that’s for sure. 

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4 hours ago, rosie123 said:

Hopping onto this discussion if you don't mind...I am thinking of applying next year however I a withdrawal in my last semester of fourth year (which made me delay my graduation till fall), Are withdrawals brought up in interviews? kinda clueless on what to expect :/ its my only W btw. 

Unlikely that it would come up during the interview unless you bring it up.

The actual online application has a section where you can write about any extenuating circumstances and you could include an explanation there regarding that grade.

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