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Thank you for your hospitality!! Being able to talk to you guys was super calming for me personally. I think the whole process was really well done and I loved how organized it was and that I never had to find my way around anywhere. The only minor thing I would change is that I felt the tour of the dental facilities was a little long, but other than that it was a great experience :)

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It was an excellent day!  It really made me want to come to Schulich even more.  The day was so relaxed.  All the first year students were so nice, and I appreciated their efforts to talk to the interviewees!  It helped calm my nerves before and after.    I also think the tours could have been a *bit* more organized, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The Sim lab is super cool!  I can’t really think of any negatives at the moment,  I was really grateful to be invited!  Excellent hospitality! 

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The whole day was great! Having the first year students around all day was helpful and speaking to the students before the interview helped calm my nerves. I enjoyed the tour a lot as well as the information session + Q&A panel.

Also, I'm curious what the ID photo we submitted when we arrived is used for, If you're allowed to disclose that at all.

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